Publication Mahle: Optimized Oil Control Ring Design for Emission Reduction

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Jochen Adelmann, Dr.-Ing. Christian Maisch, Dipl.-Ing. Simon Becker, MAHLE International, Germany; Dipl.-Ing. Remi Rabuté, MAHLE France SAS, France; Dipl.-Ing. Rafael Bruno, MAHLE Metal Leve S.A., Brazil;

To fulfil future limits regarding CO2 and exhaust gas emissions the reduction of engine friction as well as the reduction of lube oil consumption is a common approach. A high influence thereby is caused by the PCU


in general and in particular by the piston rings.
MAHLE delivers for the automotive industry tailor-made compression and oil control piston rings for series application and is further developing its products to maintain the best in class performance.

Besides common oil control ring designs in particular the oil control ring U-Flex newest gener- ation offers unique advantages, e.g. superior conformability. MAHLE has further improved this design to match future drivetrain demands on CO2 and emission legislation.
Image by Mahle, 2018