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Lubrisense supports engine manufacturers in their challenging tasks.
We develop powerful measuring instruments to optimize the consumption of lubricating oil.

Together with our partners, we research and improve the measurement technology in order to better investigate the dynamic emissions of engines and to achieve new goals. Lubrisense has been supplying measuring instruments, service and engineering for 15 years.

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The Lubrisense LUB360 is a best seller. The 3rd generation Lubrisense offers more options to examine oil consumption of combustion engines in detail. Our entire experience has gone into the development of this revolutionary measurement system.


Publication MTZ: Lube oil and pre ignition

The causes of pre-ignition in the gasoline engine are still not fully understood because of the complexity of the influencing factors and the complex interactions of the countless processes involved. As studies show, engine oil also has an influence on the formation of pre-ignition. A module is delivered to view the phenomenon holistically and to optimize the corresponding processes on the production engine.
2016, Spicher, Gohl, Mager, Hadler

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Publication MTZ: RDE Dynamic emissions and particles

On the background of the continuously changing statutory regulations, increasing customer requirements for efficiency and dynamic, as well as competition for market shares, the complexityin automotive engineering, with at the same time shorter development cycles, has dramatically increased. Near future emission regulations like the limitation of particle number for direct injection gasoline engines or the RDE…
2015, Hadler, Lensch-Franzen, Gohl, Guhr

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