Publication MTZ: Turbocharger testing tool

2014 – Tools for the Development of the Mechanical Components of Turbochargers MTZ worldwide, July 2014, Volume 75, Issue 7-8, pp 12-17

Authors B. Kehrwald, A. Jäger, M. Sailer, J. Hadler

Source: Springer Automotive Media Wiesbaden GmbH (2014)


„Turbocharging is one of the key technologies in current and future engine development. Due to the increasing requirements that extend beyond power output and torque alone, the internal and external mechanical components of turbochargers are being subjected to an ever-increasing load spectrum. In this report, APL and IAVF Antriebstechnik present development and testing tools for the laboratory and test bed environments that can be used to design the mechanical components of the turbocharger system in accordance with the new requirements.“