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Lubrisense supports engine manufacturers in their challenging tasks.
We develop powerful measuring instruments to optimize the consumption of lubricating oil.

Together with our partners, we research and improve the measurement technology in order to better investigate the dynamic emissions of engines and to achieve new goals. Lubrisense has been supplying measuring instruments, service and engineering for 15 years.

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The Lubrisense LUB360 is a best seller. The 3rd generation Lubrisense offers more options to examine oil consumption of combustion engines in detail. Our entire experience has gone into the development of this revolutionary measurement system.



The aim of the research cluster “Fuel in Oil” is the investigation and quantification of the interaction between the fuel and the lubrication oil caused by late post injections, which are applied for the regenerationof the particulate filter or the NOx storage catalyst. To achieve the objectives, different phenomena like the fuel entry into the lubrication film, the fuel-oil transport by means of the piston rings, the evaporation of fuel out of the oil pan and the impact of the oil separator of the oil dilution were…
2015, Seel, Geppert, Meister, Ehrly, Behn, Feindt, Bregar, Lyubarskyy, Oliva


Publication MTZ: Particles, Oil Emission, pre ignition

Modern downsizing in connection with the future more rigorous exhaust limit values for cars, commercial vehicles and off-highway applications, is a great challenge for internal combustion engine systems and components. In this context, increased oil emission leads to increased particle and HC emissions. Additionally, the efficiency of the exhaust gas aftertreatment and the pre-ignition…
2014, Hadler, Lensch-Franzen, Gohl, Mink

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