Publication MTZ: Particles, Oil Emission, pre ignition

2014 – Concept for Analysing and Optimising Oil Emission

MTZ worldwide, January 2014, Volume 75, Issue 1, pp 24-29

Authors: J. Hadler, C. Lensch-Franzen, M. Gohl, T. Mink

Quelle: Springer Automotive Media Wiesbaden GmbH (2014)


„Modern downsizing in connection with the future more rigorous exhaust limit values for cars, commercial vehicles and off-highway applications, is a great challenge for internal combustion engine systems and components. In this context, increased oil emission leads to increased particle and HC emissions. Additionally, the efficiency of the exhaust gas aftertreatment and the pre-ignition tendency due to the oil consumption can be negatively influenced. The APL Group has developed an integral concept for targeted analysis of oil emission mechanisms and reduction oil emission using cutting edge online measuring techniques, metallographic and chemical analytics as well as simulation tools.“